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Update: Cholera Cases in Haiti

    - by Crawford Killian (Crof) - October 19, 2016

I just asked my new friends on WhatsApp for any news they might have on new cholera numbers. Almost before I'd posted my question, the answer came back from Kevin with dazzling speed in the form of five photos. Here are three of them, with my rough translation:





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Daily Cholera Reports are within the link below . . .

Haiti - MSPP - Daily Cholera Reports

Je voudrai savoir comment ca fonctionne ici. Quelqu'un peut m'expliquer?


cleophas babinguy samba

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Voici une brève introduction à notre mission globale. . .

Here is a brief introduction to our overall mission . . .

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Oui je parle Anglais...

Cleophas Babinguy Samba

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cleophas babinguy samba


The Haiti Health and Resilience Initiative is continuing the build-out of the Haiti Resilience System and Haiti MPHISE (Medical and Public Health Information Sharing Environment) to create a common operating picture and unity of effort to address mission critical gaps (problems) affecting health, human security, resilience, and sustainability in Haiti’s 600 Resilience Capacity Zones.  The Haiti MPHISE is primarily focused on stemming the explosive growth of cholera in the Greater South (Nippes, Grand Anse, and South Departments) following Hurricane Matthew.

The gaps in mission critical functions, and the solutions to those gaps can be rapidly identified through crowdsourcing news media and social media.  Once identified, rapid response teams can self-trigger to resolve the gaps and implement the solutions.  Appropriate archival of identified gaps and solutions enables a common operating picture as a result of unity of effort.

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